I am glad to pen down this heartfelt note full of love, joy and gratitude for Ms. Isha Makkar who was kind enough to do my healings at a very short notice when I approached her and shared that doctors are suspecting COVID-19 infection around the second week of September 2020.

I was lucky to be part of the COVID-19 service healers group brought together by Ms.Makkar and was aware of the tight schedules and high number of infected people who were approaching for help. Due to my pregnancy, I could no longer be an active member of the group but was well aware that the cases were rising and all healers including Ms.Makkar were doing multiple healings per day.

Despite her prior commitments, she began my healing on the very same day that I approached her i.e. 15.09.2020. I had mild cough and cold. What was more concerning was that I had lost my sense of smell completely on 12.09.2020. My condition was such that I could not smell even the surgical spirit which was extremely pungent. Due to this, my sense of taste had also got affected. Doctor was not sure if this was due to pregnancy or due to COVID-19. On 15.09.2020 I had taken my first RT-PCR Test for COVID and tested negative. Doctor asked me to self-isolate myself and asked me to get the test repeated after 3 days since symptoms were suggestive of COVID-19. Therefore Ms. Makkar began my healing.

The effect of healing was that my cold and cough had healed significantly and by late evening on 16.09.2020 I was able to smell orange for the first time since 12.09.2020. Though my complete sense of smell did not return, but this was a very reassuring thing that within one day of beginning healing atleast I was able to smell something. Some research articles had recorded that few infected persons could lose their smell forever. This was affecting me psychologically especially because my sense of smell was the strongest among all sense organs and I was quite uncomfortable about being not able to smell. By 17.09.2020, my bouts of coughing reduced to almost once a day (used to experience this after every meal earlier) and I could feel that numbness in my nose had reduced. I began feeling sensations in my nose which I could not feel for past few days. 

Since I got married a few months ago and was new to the house, when I was asked to remain in isolation, It was not very comforting for me as my room was on the terrace and I was not comfortable being alone there. But, now I was in a situation where I had no choice but to stay alone the whole day till I tested negative. I was even unable to get proper sleep. However, by 17.09.2020, I was feeling much better psychologically. On 18.09.2020, my taste began getting better and I could taste water and the syrup that I was prescribed by the doctor. This instilled me with lot of hope and positivity.  On 19.09.2020, I had already began feeling that I was doing well physically, mentally and emotionally and when went to give my test sample, I could smell that phenyl was used in cleaning the floor of the room. On the same day, I could smell the aroma of the food and spices and my taste improved significantly. Earlier, when I ate food, I only felt salt and that I was chewing something, but for the first time on 19.09.2020, I enjoyed my food. This was important for me because doctor had categorically told me that I must take a good diet and it gets difficult to eat at regular intervals when one if unable to taste the food. I was very happy when I realized that I could appreciate the taste in a better manner.

I did not expect that I would test positive on 20.09.2020. However, when the doctors saw my report, they told me that my body was already in the process of making antibodies and that I was on the verge of getting completely well. In the evening on 20.09.2020, I could finally smell surgical spirit again which was a big thing and proved that my major symptom was disappearing gradually.   Thereafter, I only experienced headache on 1 or 2 occasions which got better and did not occur again. My cousin who had recovered from COVID had informed me that it was a sign of recovery and occurs towards the end. I received regular healings till 27.09.2020. This was also the day when my medications were stopped. Since then, I have only felt better every day. My home isolation as per the Govt. Guidelines ended on 28.09.2020. However, as per the doctor’s advice I observed it for a few more days and took the test again on 03.10.2020 and was tested negative.

I want to record my thanks and appreciation for Ms. Makkar for her timely help and guidance. Throughout the lockdown, I tried to be regular at the THM Sessions she conducted. As a part of the group, I not only practiced forgiveness but also helped other COVID-19 patients. I thank her not just for healing me and guiding me but also to give me an opportunity to practice group self-healing and generate some good karma by helping other infected persons. I can only imagine if I was destined to go through this difficult time in absence of all of forgiveness, tithing and service it would surely have been much more difficult.  I thank Ms. Makkar for her help and support and ofcouse Grand Master Choa and all higher beings for the miraculous healing.  

My baby is healthy and I first its first movement on 01.10.2020. I will now be resuming my office from 05.10.2020. I feel that it’s the miracle of pranic healing that none of my family members (that include my 83 years old grandfather-in-law and a diabetic father-in-law) got infected and my treatment began well in time.

Thank you once again. I wish that I will also be able to help people in need like I received help.


The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for me as for many other people with mainly downs in my life. In fact the last few years have been difficult for me. I developed a condition of Folliculitis (infection of hair follicles) in the starting of the year 2020 and lost all my hair on the scalp and body in a span of 6-7 months. Not only that, I had other multiple health issues as well. The effects of the condition was physical as well as mental and emotional as the thought of losing my thick, heavy and long hair never crossed my mind before it actually happened to me. 

I started learning Pranic healing from October 2019 and completed my Arhatic prep level in November 2019. At first, I took advice from Isha as to how to heal myself. But as the health issues kept growing, my inner power to heal myself became less. Isha has always extended her hand for help and this time I had to ask her to heal me. I had white flakiness and pimples on the scalp and itching on the body with other issues. As she started healing me, I noticed that the flaky part kept shedding and itching became a lot better. 

Apart from the physical benefits, my mental and emotional health improved as well. It's because of Isha's guidance that I completed my Arhatic prep level. I cannot thank her enough for unknowingly getting me ready before the toughest part of my life had hit me. She has always been there as a teacher, supporter, guide, friend and sister. She's a miraculous healer who is always on her toes to help people. I really appreciate the fact that she starts giving healings immediately. I have always received immediate help and assistance from her and I would want to do the same when I become a professional healer. 

Master Choa and his Pranic healing have changed my life in many ways but it is also the trainer who changes your life with their support and encouragement and Isha is one such person.

Thanks & Regards


I reached out to Isha for my brother's healing.

So a quick little backdrop, we had a chaotic household while me and my brother were growing up. And witnessing those incidents caused a deep resentment, anger, aggressiveness, sadness in my brother. Off late, I noticed that these emotions were being triggered in him by even the smallest of arguments & would end up displaying no interest in life. I knew it needed immediate attention, that's when I reached out to Isha for the healings.

She charted out an initial schedule for his healings and told me to keep her posted with how the healing is affecting him. In addition to the healings, she also suggested tithing and decreeing for this. Although it was a slow process and lasted for a couple of weeks, the healings did work as a wonder. There were a series of changes I noticed in his behaviour, not only towards himself but towards others as well. 

Looking back at that time, certainly makes me feel that it was the right decision to take those healings, and would recommend Isha to anyone who is looking to take an alternative/ additional approach for any physical or emotional healings.



So it was the time when the whole country was experiencing a nationwide lockdown because of Covid 19, and owing to that we were sent on an indefinite work from home schedule. It started as a new experience but soon I started experiencing sudden bouts of extreme sad emotions, loneliness and major shifts in my emotions.

Now, I do want to add that it wasn't completely because of the lockdown and the new normal of aloofness but I was also going through a few personal issues at that moment. Everything added up and overwhelmed me to the point that I ended up asking for help from Isha. I have known Isha for a while and also know that she is an experienced healer, her healings simply do wonders. So I asked her if she could do certain healings for me. She suggested doing healing for depression, and gave me an initial schedule for the same. So I clubbed her healings with my THM, and it eventually worked for me. I would happily recommend anyone who is looking to get healings for themselves or their loved ones by Isha. Approach her without a second thought, and I am sure you would get answers to your problems.



Irregular heartbeat

Off late, I started noticing that I am getting overwhelmed with a lot of emotions and noticed one thing in particular that my heartbeat increases more than normal and remains like that for a while. Not only that, I did notice that my heart was skipping beats too. Since that was a rare thing to me. So I approached Isha again for my healings for this new thing I was experiencing. She started with my healings. The irregularity of the heartbeat did go away in a few healings itself. Since then, I haven't experienced it again.

So whosoever is thinking of taking healing but is unsure about this non traditional approach, my suggestion would be a yes. And with an experienced healer like Isha, I am sure your problem would be heard in depth and be given a plan based on what your problem demands.

Thanks & Regards

Ms. AP

My daughter started learning PH and took me to Isha's PH centre. I have Uveitis since the last 7-8 years. Isha gave me a healing and I started feeling better in my vision immediately. It was a miracle for me. Then I took more healings from her. I also took some healings for my emotional upheaval. I always feel lighter and better after she heals me.

Thanks & Regards


Hello everyone.

Atma Namaste,

My most amazing experience after I learnt my Basic Pranic Healing course was when my son met with an accident and I was hundreds of miles away. I started distance healing on him (he had a rather serious head injury), and kept on sending Masters Blessings, I did not lose faith or panic even once. It was surely divine intervention, he was out of danger and healing well in 3 weeks. All through everyone was amazed at how bravely I had taken it, while I was amazed at how brave my son was!!!! That’s what miracles are at Path Seekers Light workers, I learnt Advanced PH And Psychotherapy ……..The courses were an amazing experience in them, meeting some beautiful souls and sharing sumptuous food. Both Garima & Isha.

Provide wonderful settings for a soulful experience, and are very supportive. They are Friend, Philosopher, Guides to each one of their trainees! Master’s blessings to both ……And may we all help Heal the World Together.

Prerna Bali

Hello everyone,

Atma Namaste!

 I had always believed in the fact that “when you judge others, you do not define them… You define yourself”; but it was Pranic Healing who made me live through it. So much power does Master’s teachings possess.

 It does change lives, but only if you believe so. I did and have evolved myself into a more happy go lucky and positive person. Blessed are those who get associated with institutions like these, for we are the especially selected Souls who are given a chance to be better individuals. No matter what, good qualities and behavior is always appreciated.

 I started my PH journey with my husband Anirudh as Basic class students and now we are Arhatic Prep Graduates.! The journey is so beautiful that we wish to continue riding it always. Our sincere and utmost thanks to Garima & Isha for showing the right path and trusting us.

 We owe a lot of cheerful moments to Path Seekers Center especially to all the new friends who are our extended family now. Its like a home away from home.

 May Supreme God and Master’s blessings be with us forever and all of us continue to spread happiness n healings throughout.

 Thank you Pranic Healing.

Arushi Kamthan Mathur

Aatma Namaste 2yrs back I underwent hysterectomy wherein my uterus tubes ovaries & lymph nodes everything was removed. I was diagnosed of 1st stage Carcinoma in half the Enderometial canal. The surgery was successful and I was told the success is 98%, they can give better assurance one I remain clear for 2yrs. Just when I completed 2 years in March’17, the MRI showed thickening of soft tissues. They took my films for review. It was a cause of worry to me but I realised worrying is not going to help. 

Everyone I did THM before starting I would give intent that the light should penetrate the area and all should be well. Yesterday the committee of Drs. from Radiotherapy have cleared my reports. 

I am so grateful to Master and the higher beings for my reports.

Poonam Sharma

Hi my name is Rup. I have known Isha Di for quite sometime and also have a close relation with her family. As I am going through a rough phase in my life, a common friend of ours advised me to contact Isha di and do a healing therapy. As she herself has done it from Isha di and the therapy had benefited her to some extent. I thought of giving it a shot and did a seven day healing from her. So I have a history of painful periods which includes stomach cramps, pain in the whole left part of the body. My whole energy gets sucked, in those 10 days which is PMS, during period and also post. But this time for the first time in life I experienced a painless period. I didn't even feel it at all. I was quite relaxed. So thank you, Isha di. I could experience this only because of you.


I was introduced to the world of Pranic Healing and miracle of distant healing by Garima, she was my first teacher to the amazing world of Pranic healing before that I had no clue this kind of healing also exists. And I thank God for that he introduced me to Garima probably Because he knew I would be needing her help very soon. My Son Sambhav Sharma fell ill and was down with Dengue Fever with high fever and whole lot of body ache that's the time Garima came as an angel she did healings  for him and from the first healing itself I noticed big change in his health, his fever came down and his platelets started to stabilise. It was a big relief for us & I cannot thank enough Garima for saving us from the ordeal of hospitalisation since that time onwards I never looked back. Even now if I have a problem I bank upon my teachings and Master's Blessing and my Saviour Garima thank you so much for pure guidance 

Thanks and Regards 

Sambhav Sharma

Healing done for Ligament Tear

My nephew had a very fall while playing foot ball and required a stretcher to be carried over to the school sanatorium.

 The swelling and pain levels were very high and he was in a lot of discomfort. I immediately called Garima for a scan and parallel healing. She indicated a likely hood of surgery and at least 10 sessions to start with.

Within 2 days his surgery was confirmed by experts. Garima was proactive in her Healings and with God's grace the operation was successful. My nephew was up and about within 2 weeks of the operation and his recovery was faster than normal across 15 healing sessions on alternate days.

Thanks to Garima, he was healed fully by November and is able to play football again. His discomfort was reduced and so were his physio therapy sessions.

Pranic healing cures all ailments from the roots and also depends on the intent of the healer. Garima is very methodical and serious about her healings and gives her 100% always.

Thank you for helping out.

Kind regards 

Mayank (Uncle of Ashvin)

I took healings for my leg pain and emotional trauma from Isha when I was going through a very tough time. I took a few sessions and started feeling better. I even slept better after the first few rounds of healings. I have always got immediate results from Isha's healings. She's a very powerful healer and has always given me healings immediately.


Healing done for – Lack of Concentration, Fear & Anxiety 

I had hoped for the Healings to help me overcome Fear & Anxiety in sitting for an Entrance Examination. I needed to use the Scores in the Entrance Examination to be accepted into a Graduate Program. When I was taking the Healings, I felt Relaxed & could appear in my Exam with Clarity and Focus. 

I cleared the Exam, However ended up with an Opportunity to apply to a Graduate School with the Score in the Previous Examination. I hadn't been planning for it, but I applied and was offered a position in that Graduate School. So, although I did not per se have to write the examination again, I ended up in Graduate School, and this was not only unexpected but also pleasantly Surprising. 

Thank you Garima for the Healings


In 2010 my 10 year old son was diagnosed with adenoids, 25% deafness in right ear and food allergies. He was underweight, very sluggish in his activities and didn’t eat well. Doctors had advised him for surgery and medicines. I consulted a Pranic Healer Garima and she advised me to continue with medicines along with Pranic Healing treatment. In the consultation to study the reports, my son was taught Super brain Yoga. After taking Pranic Healing for about three months with daily Super Brain Yoga, my son’s X-Ray reports were clear he didn’t have to go for surgery. The deafness and food allergies are also healed. My child is a healthy active child and doing very well in his physical activities, studies and co-curricular activities.

Yatin's Mother

Two words: Astoundingly brilliant! While I can't exactly say how I landed and met  Garima - was it serendipity or providence, either way I just don't know, but of this I am absolutely certain: meeting Garima was the single best thing that's happened to my life. Through my Tonsillitis Healing done by Garima, for 10 days , 11 healings, I not only came alive again but 70% cured internally which seemed mere impossible at that moment. For me, it's like a 'portal of grace' is opened each time I have a session, and in that space a precious gift of healing is passed to me ' a gift I barely understand but most definitely cherish. To reflect on this 'gift' (and the Healing that has occurred) positively startles me at times, filling me with such immense gratitude that I cannot help but feel my heart is embracing me. Sheer delight! In fact, some days, as I wake from sleep I notice a smile has already emerged on my face even before I have opened my eyes to greet the day. Remarkable would be an understatement - the difference in me is like night and day. Garima is an extraordinary individual, being the ever consummate professional and an unassailable confidant, bringing not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the Healing process.

Thanks and Regards

Anukriti Dubey

Anukriti Dubey

Its one of the start point of low phase in my life and all began when I got married in 2007. I was undergoing work life balance, coping issues at work One of my friend, Priyanka introduced me to Pranic Healing in 2010. I did by Basic Course but could not continue far all that I had learnt. I however started practicing Twin Heart Meditation since 2010.

I had a bully in the form of my boss at work who used to add to my woes and she used to be constantly checking, nagging me for all my good acts. With the power of regular THM I was able to control and convert my negative thoughts about her and started forgiving, blessing her in my Meditation. And to my utter surprise, her engagement towards me reduced and in 2 months she bid goodbye to a stable, senior job and joined some other company.

After 4 years, she got in touch with me by herself, treated me with love, respect. And now she is one of my best buddy and guide in life and offered me to join her company.

It really instills my faith that our thoughts and blessing others with positive belief do transform things around us. My heartfelt thanks to Garima and her Path Seekers Center that reintroduced me to the beautiful world of Pranic Healing, and I am now on my journey of Pranic Healing.

Will share my testimonials of Healing as well of last one month. Have many...


Deepti Chowdhary