MCKS Pranic Psychic Self Defense

Duration: 1 Day

Eligibility: MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Course

MCKS Pranic Psychic Self Defence Course-We are swimming in a world of thought forms and emotional energies and not all of them are necessarily beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies. If we are not properly protected from these contaminants, we can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially.

MCKS Pranic Psychic Self Defense is specially tailored to protect you from negative and destructive energy patterns. The course offers simple, effective and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered by most people. It teaches several ways to shield one's self from projected negative thoughts and psychic contamination by strengthening the human Aura; removing negative energies and vibrations from psychically dirty places; reinforcing psychic defenses through counter attack and counter defense methods; knowing how to deal with black magicians; taking corrective actions when a person has been psychically penetrated; and other never before known techniques.

Pranic Psychic Self Defense teaches the student scientific ways of utilizing pranic energies to properly protect one`s self, belongings, surroundings and love ones. Pranic Psychic Self Defense teaches the student to protect him/herself and loved ones from psychic attacks, negative intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution.

Some of the topics covered in Pranic Psychic Self Defense Course are:

Different Subtle Bodies and Auras.

Difference between a Thought Entity and Psychic Radiatory field.

Psychic Contamination and Psychic Pollution.

Types and Sources of Psychic Attacks.

Law of Karma, Severe Karmic Repercussions and Neutralizing Negative Karma.

Closing the aura to prevent intrusions.

Techniques for strengthening the Aura.

Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how we can protect ourselves from them.

Placing a protective aura around our business to ensure prosperity.

Utilizing holy objects for protection, empowerment and good luck.

Practicing advanced psychic self-defense techniques, specifically for healers.

Shielding the personal belongings, including the financial assets.

Multi-dimensional shielding for protection on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical planes.

Putting remedies into place for attacks that have already penetrated in our energy fields.

Guarding against the four critical factors that can weaken a shield.

Using the power of love to get an angry psychic assailant on one`s side.

How to build up sufficient energy for one`s shield and combining the energy with visualization and intent for optimum protection.

Using the ancient Magic Circles Ritual to receive comprehensive protection from angels, masters and teachers.

Protecting the business and finances from envious competitors and their negative vibes.

Safeguarding our children's precious and innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs and negative programming from peers.

Scanning the strength and integrity of our shields so that we know they are in place and working.

Experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment.

Stopping "psychic vampires" from draining our precious life force.

The student will learn why the traditional bubble of white light does not hold up in the real world of psychic warfare, and why the Pranic Psychic Self Defense shield is more effective.

The student will be taught why improper shielding could cause a person to think he or she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves.

The student will be taught what causes "Bad Luck" and changing it to Good Fortune.

Many more...

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